Every idea comes
from a problem

Chapter 1

Like you, I was frustrated by all the confusing IELTS information out there

Hi, I’m Peter Nguyen – a co-founder of Betterway Education. At the tender age of 24, I achieved a nearly perfect score in the IELTS test – an 8.5.

However, not many people know that the journey leading up to this achievement was not easy at all.

In fact, years ago when I started preparing for IELTS, the first thing I did, which I believe was also the first thing a lot of people did, was searching the Internet for “IELTS preparation tips and advice”.

But, the more information I read, the more confused I became. This blog about IELTS told me to do one thing, but that IELTS group on Facebook told me to do the exact opposite. And then when I went on YouTube, I heard something completely different.

I just felt totally lost. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of information. I didn’t have a teacher to guide me and share real advice.

Chapter 2

That gave me the motivation to start my training center

It was certainly tough for me then, but it’s even tougher for students today. In these days of media bombardment, there is too much bad information about IELTS on the Internet, which causes a huge amount of stress for people like you.

I co-founded Betterway Education to help students overcome these challenges.

I want to make it easier for Vietnamese students to achieve their dream IELTS scores, by giving them a proven step-by-step system for approaching each part of the test.

Chapter 3

Your success is our success

At Betterway Education, we believe that taking an IELTS course should be easy and fun. It should leave you confident and well-prepared.

And most importantly, it should get you the results you need, with the minimum amount of effort!

There’s nothing complicated about it. Your success, our success.